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10 on 10 Project…{April}

My youngest is now know as Princess Leah the 1st.  Can you tell which Disney Jr. show she likes?  Well today I followed my little Princess around and captured a few of the highlights.


She has her backpack stuffed with barbies, crayons & blocks.

Kickin back and drinking milk.


Funny face.

The tomatoes didn’t make it and had to be thrown away.

My PB&J is finger liking good.



Lauren had her last cheer competition on Sunday. I decided to surprise her by letting her get her ears pierced as a reward for a great season.  She has been asking for about 2 years so I though this would be perfect.  She was super excited for about 2 minutes and then she realized that it was going to hurt.  I told her that I would get mine done if she got her ears pierced. I wanted to show her that it didn’t hurt (I did’t tell her that I just had them put the piercing right over my existing pierce). Well only one person got their ears pierced and it wasn’t her. LOL  Here are a few from Sunday and today.


The tools that are used to create the cheer face!


those eyes!


On Sunday we made it in the door and choose her ear rings.  After about an hour of trying to tell her that it doesn’t really hurt, we left.


Today we tried again and made it to the chair and had her ears marked.  She freaked and we left.:( 


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Katie - Oh no poor girl! My friend actually bought the piercing set because her daughter was scared but I think that would be worse. So glad with boys I don’t have to worry about it! I love the image of your daughter’s striped tights and shoes…what a great memory to have! And your girls are beautiful!

Rox - Love the shoes/tights/dress! Funny about the earrings! My youngest keeps telling me that she wants to get them when she is ____ (fill in the blank with the age she will be next year). This has been going on for a few years. LOL.

Lisa Howeler - Love these! Looks like they have been busy!

Emily - Love your little one kickin’ back with her milk- too cute!

Gretchen - Oh I remember when my girl got her ears pierced! Such a special day and wonderful memories! Beautiful, sweet girls…I can tell you love them!

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